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    Sai Sweekar Child Development Center is a special education organization that caters to young learners with special needs. Being professionals in the field of special education and rehabilitation, Mrs. Meena Nikam and Mrs. Neha Chimbalkar understood the need for quality special education services in the suburban part of Thane and thus, Sai Sweekar was set up in Virar. We embarked on this journey with 5 children and 2 special educators in 2007 and now are a family of 30 students with 5 special educators.


     We aim to enrich the lives of these children with our tailored, innovative and holistic education, along with remediation and vocational programs that stimulates personal growth to help them live with dignity in the society.


    Screening & Assessment: We believe that it is very important to have a complete assessment before establishing any diagnosis and designing any action plan for the child. The assessments include - Interaction with parents, Informal assessments, Psycho-educational assessment and a standardized Psychometric test.

    Early Intervention: The early years of any child are an intensive learning phase that becomes the foundation for their overall development. Therefore, our Early intervention program helps infants and toddlers with disabilities or developmental delays to learn various key skills and catch up in their development.


    Individual Education Plan (IEP): Individual Education Plan involves defining the content which the child would learn in specific period of time (generally 3 months) and the methods of teaching as per the needs of the child. It helps monitoring the child’s progress and modify it as and when the time arises.

    1:1 Teacher-Student ratio: We ensure that every child gets individual attention and assistance in every way possible. 1:1 Teacher-Student ratio improves interaction between them and helps us to understand the child better.

    Community based education: We strongly believe that learning should not be confined to the classroom. Thus, regular educational visits are organized to enhance and bring reality to what is taught in classrooms, which includes visits to places like Nursery, Mall, Railway stations etc.

    Follow up plans for family: We develop and follow an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) that is tailor-made for each child wherein parents are instructed to conduct some activities at home. Our goal here is to work closely with the parents as a team for the holistic development of the child.

    Counseling & Guidance: Parent-sibling counseling forms an important part of our remediation programs. Counseling takes place, in the beginning of the program to make the parents and sibling understand better about their child’s disability, and then at regular intervals during the course of the program to keep the family updated about the child’s progress. IQ Testing and Occupational Therapy by experts.


    Indoor & outdoor activities: In order to enhance children’s social and communication skills, we organize fun interactive game sessions at the center. We also plan to start an activity club for indoor and outdoor activities for the children soon.

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    Center for children with special needs

    This program is specially designed to meet the learner needs of children having Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD), Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Visual Impairment, Deaf blindness and multiple disabilities. The curriculum under ‘Prayaas’ is designed to provide children with opportunities which maximize their learning potential and experiences.


    The highlights of the core curriculum include:

    • An approach of total communication to develop  verbal communication skills using forms of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) i.e. sign language and pictorial references and symbols , as per the needs of the child.
    • A comprehensive curriculum for the literacy program that  includes activities to understand and use spoken language from the very first words to early grammar and simple sentences, sight words, learning the principles of phonics for reading /writing and functional academics to hone every child's listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
    • Group therapies for children who have severe and profound learning difficulties to encourage them and improve their communication and engagement.
    • Behavioral modification to target issues of inattention and to bring about a positive change in the minds of the child. Music, dance and group activities have calming effect helping children with behavior difficulties

    • Under Prayaas, we teach science with the aim of encouraging students to observe and have awareness of world around them and develop basic math skills using practical method

    To know more about Prayaas , click here

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    Center for children with learning disabilities

    At Sai Sweekar, we believe that every child is capable of learning. However, certain kids are unable to catch up with the classroom teaching. Saarthi has been established as our effort to help such children. We work on enhancing his or her academic skills using colorful and creative teaching aids that make learning fun and interactive.


    Few highlights of Saarthi include:

    • A series of formal and informal assessments  to measure different skills and abilities of the child such as visual and auditory perception, attention span, memory, eye-hand coordination,reading comprehension, oral expression, handwriting .
    • Psycho-educational and Psychometric tests  to understand the child's strengths and weaknesses and establish a diagnosis.
    • As per the assessment report,  periodic counselling sessions for parents to educate parents about their child's problems and progress.
    • Home Management Plan for parents for activities at home.
    • IEP for individual attention and to help a child achieve bigger goals by setting smaller , time bound goals.
    • Remedial classes target literacy, phonics, reading, spelling, vocabulary, written expression, comprehension, numerical skills & concepts, handwriting, social skills and communication program.  
    • Quarterly feedback and review.     

    To know more about Saarthi, click here.                                        

  • Who we are

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    Meena Nikam


    Mrs. Meena Nikam has over 35 years of work experience in the field of special education and rehabilitation. She has worked with many renowned schools and organizations like Hellen Keller Institute for Deaf Blind, National Association for the Blind , Sense International, to name a few. She has delivered Parent-Teacher training programs and lectures nationally and internationally.

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    Neha Chimbalkar

    Special Education Consultant

    After completing her Masters in Special Education (specialization in Intellectual Disabilities) from SNDT University, Mumbai, Neha has been associated with Ashiana Institute for Autism, Priyanj Special School for Autism and National Association for the Blind. She is also a Georgia (USA) State Certified Special Educator and has designed and implemented the special education program for Sai Sweekar.

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    Amey Nikam

    Project Coordinator

    Amey began working with children with developmental disabilities in 2011. Along with a M.A. in Clinical Psychology, he has a PG diploma in Learning Disabilities as well. His background includes Early intervention, Assessment, Parent training, School consultation, Remedial education and Behavior intervention. He is a very good listener and extends his services to the families of the special children as well.

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    Priti Bore

    Centre Head

    Priti is the center head and also plays a crucial role in our Early Intervention Program. She is a RCI certified special educator with a diploma in special education (specialization in mental retardation) and certificate course in Learning disabilities. In the past,  she has worked with Dakshinya School for Autistic children. She has been a special educator for a decade now and absolutely loves her work.

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    Sulbha Raval

    Special Educator

    Mrs Sulbha Raval is a RCI certified special education teacher with a diploma in special education from MINDS College, Mumbai. She has been in the field of special education for last 20 years. She has special

    interest in Arts and  Crafts and this makes learning fun for her students.

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    Darpana Bhagne

    Assistant Teacher

    Mrs. Darpana Bhagne is a parent of a special needs child, who developed a keen interest in teaching. She has earned a diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education from National Academy, Mumbai and Bachelors in Arts from Mumbai University. Her interest lies in planning and executing co-curricular activities like craft, drama, dance, yoga etc.

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    The highest reward for a person’s work is not what they get for it, but what they become because of it. – John Ruskin

    Sai Sweekar seeks individuals who are available to donate their time and talent as volunteers. 

    Join us to help us for extracurricular activities like dance, drama, music, art & Craft and outdoor activities like picnics, trekking, swimming, sports etc. Share your expertise in technology, management, marketing and fundraising our programs!
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    Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning. - Unknown

    Sai Sweekar's team works together to help our students and families reach their full potential and lead rewarding lives.

    If you are passionate about promoting a continuous improvement, and committed to serving those who benefit from our services, we’d love to welcome you on board. Kindly fill this form to help us reach out to you.


    It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. - Mother Teresa

    Help us get bigger and better. If you are interested in making a donation, click here and we shall get back to you with further details. We are also on a lookout for space tie ups with schools, if interested, drop us a mail at saisweekar1@gmail.com

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